Cannot Verify Server Identity imap Gmail

The Mail app has stopped working and displays a popup message that the iPhone cannot verify the server’s identity. You should not panic and read the solution below to detect error source.

Cannot Verify Server Identity imap Gmail

If you receive a warning that the identity of cannot be verified, this means that the mail server cannot be validated by a trusted authority.

An “iOS error” message with two or three action buttons appears. Tapping Details provides more information about the server that could not be validated, while hitting Cancel closes the prompt without solving the issue.

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Cannot Verify Server Identity imap Gmail How To Fix This Error:

Cannot Verify Server Identity imap Gmail

The first thing to do when you’re having problems with your iPhone is to reset it. You can do this by turning the device off and then back on again a few moments later. If you receive an error message when opening the Mail app, follow these steps to resolve the issue:

Open the Settings app> Tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars>Scroll down and tap Add Account>Tap Gmail>Enter your username and password>Tap Next> Enable Contacts and Calendars in the pop-up menu>Tap Save.

Reset Identity Certificate:

To reset the identity certificate of your email server, open the Settings app and tap on Passwords and Accounts. In the Accounts section, tap on the email account that is causing the error. Tap Delete Account to erase it. tap on red delete account label again. Now, use the Add Account option in the same Passwords and Accounts menu, to add back the mail account that you just deleted.

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Mostly after these steps error message Cannot Verify Server Identity Error should not appear. However, if this is not the case, continue troubleshooting. To resolve the problem, open the Settings app and select Passwords & Accounts. Next, tap on the mail app that is causing issues. Select the account registered to that app and then go to Advanced settings. In the Use SSL option, disable it.

Change Time and Date of your iPhone:

If your Gmail account is not automatically updated or if the “Cannot Verify Server Identity imap Gmail” message appears, try changing your iPhone’s Date and Time settings. Readers have reported that allowing the iPhone to automatically set the time fixes this problem.

Open the Settings app, scroll to General, and tap on Date & Time. Enable the “Set Automatically” option.

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Reset Network Settings If Above Solution Does not Work for you

If your iPhone is still not connecting to the Internet after trying all of the above solutions, you might need to reset your network settings. This will restore the iPhone’s network configuration to its default state, so if any of your settings are incorrect and causing a problem, this should fix it. You can do this by going to settings>General and then reset. If prompted you should enter your Passcode and then tap Reset Network Settings.

If you are still experiencing the ‘Cannot Verify Server Identity imap Gmail’ error, try disabling Push or configuring your iPhone to interrogate the mail server when you manually perform a Mail action.

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