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Hiring a concrete contractor for your home or business in Atlanta GA is not as simple as hiring a painter or a contractor to do some electrical work. If you hire the wrong concrete contractor in Atlanta, you can cost yourself thousands of dollars and months of headaches. So, if you’re looking to start your driveway project at your home or business, make sure you hire a professional concrete company with a good reputation. That’s why we’re sharing this post on things to consider when hiring a concrete Driveway contractor in Atlanta.

Concrete driveway Contractor Atlanta

What To Look For When Hiring Concrete Driveway Contractor in Atlanta:

  • When hiring a concrete contractor, it is essential to consider the contractor’s experience, skill level, and track record. Finding a concrete contractor can be difficult, especially if you want to find one that can complete the job in a timely fashion and provide quality work. The following tips will help you find such a contractor.
  • To find a good concrete contractor, you should do your research and be prepared with questions to ask when interviewing prospective contractors.
  • When hiring a contractor, ask questions about the project and make sure you choose a person who is comfortable responding to technical issues. You should also seek someone who will explain the process to you as it progresses.
  • When you are in search of a reputable concrete contractor, it is wise to begin by asking around for references. Friends and family members are often good starting points.
  • Contractors should be able to provide you with references from past customers, which will allow you to verify their performance and the quality of their work.
  • Always make sure that you consider all aspects of a project before putting them into a written contract.
  • In order to ensure that jobs are completed on time and to a high standard, workers need to understand their responsibilities before they begin work. When creating a contract, consider the following: schedule, materials needed, payment, and who will clean up the site when the job is done.
  • A clearly written agreement will prevent misunderstandings about the scope of your project and ensure a smooth workflow.
Atlanta Best Concrete Driveway Contractor

Check Proper Contractor License If Possible:

The licensing requirements for concrete contractors vary depending on the state, so make sure to verify if your state requires licenses. If a license is required, the state board that oversees licensing can tell you whether or not a contractor has been properly licensed.

  • Make sure you choose a contractor that can obtain the necessary permits before beginning work.
  • When looking for a concrete contractor, try to determine whether that contractor’s personality meshes well with yours.
  • When choosing a contractor, consider their communication skills. Reflect on your interactions with the contractor and decide if they will be able to handle your job.
  • When evaluating candidates for a job, be sure to note how well they respond to your inquiries, how long it takes them to respond, and whether or not they meet with you.

Ask Reference List From Concrete Driveway Contractor:

Asking to speak with a contractor’s previous clients can be helpful in evaluating his or her experience and the quality of his or her work. When contacting references, ask about several aspects of the project, such as:

  • Did the final cost of the project match the original estimate? when will project begin and end schedule? Did the concrete contractor communicate effectively, keeping you informed about progress and problems?
  • Contacting an older reference can help you get a better idea of how long the concrete project has lasted.

Considering Experience of Concrete Driveway Contractor is Must:

When you need concrete work done, make certain that your contractor has experience with the specific type of work that you need done. Decorative concrete, driveways and patios are all different projects.

A contractor who has experience and uses quality concrete will make every effort to find the right type of concrete for each job. Depending on the project, you may also consider a contractor’s certification as an indication of professionalism and skill.

In the event of an accident or other setback on the job site, you want to be sure that company has adequate insurance coverage and is not liable for any resulting damages.

You want to be sure that your home or commercial property is fully covered in the event of an accident. To determine the scope of coverage, contact the insurance company directly.

Top 5 Concrete Driveway Contractor in Atlanta GA Which You Can Choose From:
1. A-1 Driveway Replacement:
A-1 Driveway Replacement:

Dave Scott founded A-1 Driveway Replacement in Tucker, Georgia, in 1997. Over the course of two decades, he had gained experience working as a subcontractor for local builders and general contractors on a range of projects including footings, foundations, slabs, and driveways.

Since its inception, A-1 Driveway has completed more than 2,500 driveways throughout the Atlanta metropolitan area. Projects have included driveway replacement, expansion and redesign.

Contact # (770) 493-6222

2. All Clean Pressure Cleaning Service

All Clean Pressure Cleaning Service

All Clean Pressure Cleaning Service, an Atlanta company specializing in pressure washing, was founded in 2005. Customers can hire All Clean for thorough sanitation of roofs, gutters, windows, driveways, patios, decks, fences, and other interior and exterior components. All Clean is locally-owned and operated.

Contact # (770)301-8919

3.Concrete Masters

Concrete Masters

Concrete Masters provides a range of residential and commercial concrete services, including concrete staining, polishing, stamping, overlays and floor finishes. The company’s services include marble and granite slabs and colored epoxy floors for residential use; concrete floor polishing systems; concrete topping overlays; and maintenance treatments for concrete floors.

Contact # (404) 934-0424


4. EnviroDek


EnviroDek, a concrete-recovery and restoration company based in Atlanta, restores concrete surfaces at homes throughout the city and the surrounding areas. The company uses a spray technique to cover new or existing concrete surfaces. Each installation includes a free written estimate. A 3,000 PSI pressure wash for all surfaces, and detail explanations of what repairs need to be make.

Contact # (770)216-9733

5. Hemma Concrete, Inc.

Hemma Concrete Atlanta Contractor

Hemma Concrete, Inc., an Atlanta Metro construction business with a Marietta headquarters and satellite office in Smyrna. It provides a broad range of services including concrete, masonry, and landscaping. Among these are residential projects such as driveways, aprons, sidewalks, retaining walls, and patio decks. Travis Roberts founded Hemma Concrete in 2003; today he serves as CEO of the company.

(678) 331-7070

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