Delete Stitch Fix Account

In This Tutorial we are going to remove Stitch Fix Account via email, Phone and through website. we will guide you how to delete account with different methods.

Stitch Fix is popular online styling service that offers personalized shopping and delivers clothing items right to your door. By filling out your Style Profile, a Personal Stylist will handpick pieces to fit your tastes, needs, and budget.

Delete Stitch Fix Account

How To Delete Stitch Fix Account Guide:

  • Click this link to log in to your Stitch Fix account:
  • Once you are logged in, you should see a form on the page.
  • Fill out all of the fields with the required information, including your registered email address and type “Request Account Deletion” as the subject line.
  • In the description box, include a short explanation of why you would like your account deleted (for example, you no longer plan to use Stitch Fix or you have found another solution for your needs).
  • Hit “Submit” when you’re done.

Delete Account Via Email:

  • Contact Stitch Fix customer service by emailing [email protected].
  • Type “Want To Delete Stitch Fix Account” in the subject line.
  • In the body of your message, write that you would like to delete your account and all associated information from their database.(Use This Email Sample To Send Mail)

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Delete Stitch Fix Account by Phone Number:

You can contact them via phone. It is a simple and efficient process that will not take much time. Follow these steps to remove your account:

  • Pick up the phone, call them at 415-882-7765, and request them to close your account.
  • Give them all of the details about your account.
  • Confirm deletion by verbally confirming or via email.
  • Once you confirm deletion, you will no longer be able to access your account.

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How To Cancel Stitch Fix Subscription?

To cancel a Stitch Fix subscription, log in to your account and navigate to the Manage automatic fixes page. There you will see a check box, which when checked will stop receiving automatic fixes. You can also check an option to cancel the next fix if you wish to do so as well.

To freeze your account, you must first remove all of your payment methods. If you are not already logged in to your account, do so now. Once logged in, go to Settings and select Payment Methods. Press Update Payment Method and choose which cards you want removed from the list. Press Delete or Remove Card for each card selected.

Final Thoughts:

Stitch Fix, a clothing delivery service, was founded in 2011 by Katrina Lake and Erin Flynn. The business started as Rack Habit and was run out of Lake’s loft in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

The Company initially served women; it has since expanded to men’s clothing, larger sizes and maternity wear, as well as children’s clothing. In 2014, the Stitch Fix became profitable; by 2016, it had annual sales of $730 million. In May 2017, Stitch Fix raised $42 million from outside investors.

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