Delete Wizards Unite Account

If you want to delete, cancel, or even deactivate your Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Account, then don’t worry because here is the right place where you can learn how to do so.

Wizards Unite is a popular online mobile game in which you will play the role of a wizard who casts magic and spells to complete missions. The game allows users to create or edit account information, customize their character and controls, and play the game using their phone camera.

Delete Wizards Unite Account Guide:

Delete Wizards Unite Account
  • Go to Settings and tap on the option Apps.
  • Go down and tap on the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite app.
  • Click on Storage and then choose Clear Cache & Data.
  • Tap Uninstall after you’ve cleared the cache and data.
  • Complete the Uninstall process and delete Wizards Unite Account.

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In collaboration with Warner Bros. Interactive, Potter-more released Harry Potter Wizards Unite is a mobile game like a version of Pokémon Go; which is made by the same developer, Niantic.

In the same vein as other Niantic games such as Pokemon GO and Ingress; Wizards Unite game uses an augmented reality approach to its game play. Players can interact with real world and witness creatures which can be seen in your surroundings.

The game include daily rewards for returning Foundables, collecting potion ingredients, visiting Inns and other tasks. You can get daily treasure rewards if you log in regularly.

Players can collect artifacts and magic object during game by interacting with them. You will find more found able at port keys and Inns in this game. Runes tones activate wizarding challenges within Fortresses.

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Game use Watering cans and packets of seeds to grow various plants or fungi in Greenhouses. Gifts contain spell energy rune-stones potions or ingredients which can be send to other players.

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