Delete Xfinity Account

To delete your Xfinity account, call the customer service landline at 1-800-266-2278 or 1-800-Comcast and ask to have your account deleted. An agent will verbally issue you a formal request to have your account deleted.

Xfinity is the brand name used to market cable television, internet, telephone and wireless services provided by Comcast Cable Communications, LLC.

Delete Xfinity Account Guide:

Delete Xfinity Account Step By Step Guide
  • To delete an Xfinity account, log in to your online account.
  • From the drop-down menu under your name at the top of the page, select Settings.
  • Tap Delete User on the right side of the page.

Remove Via App:

  • On your iPhone or Android device, open the app, log in, and go to Settings.
  • Once inside, go down until you find a button called Delete Account.
  • Click It and Confirm it to delete Account.
  • All data will be erased and matches will no longer show up on your list with this option selected.

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Delete Xfinity Account Via Helpline:

Delete your Xfinity account by calling 1-800-266-2278. A customer service representative will ask for your name, email address and phone number to confirm your identity before proceeding with the deletion process.

After You delete account all preference & settings will also delete. You should backup your account settings & features before deleting your account.

You should also make sure to terminated any recurring payment linked with your account should be terminate before account deletion.

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It can be difficult to speak with a Comcast customer service representative (1-800-266-2278). It requires patience and persistence, but if you persevere, you may be able to resolve your issue.

The first step is to contact the company in writing; you can do this by sending them an email or filling out online form. If you’re emailing, make sure you’re clear and concise with your message and that you include your account number so they can call you back if necessary.

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You can have more than one Xfinity accounts in the same house. You can call the number on the back of your Xfinity cable box and tell them that you want to add another account. Your secondary account will not affect your primary account in any way and your billing will continue to proceed by one company.

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