APPI GAP Insurance Claim

When you purchase insurance from a car dealership, the dealership will be responsible for paying you the amount of money that you would have received from your insurance company had you been involved in an accident and your car was declared a total loss.

If your car is stolen, you can file a claim with your insurance company’s APPI (Advance Protection Products Inc). Gap coverage to be compensated for the difference between your insurance policy’s actual cash value and the outstanding loan balance of the car at the time it was stolen.

APPI GAP Insurance

APPI insurance is designed to cover the difference between what a vehicle is worth if stolen or damaged and its actual cash value. But there are certain limitations.

How to Get APPI GAP Insurance Claim?

When you purchase gap insurance from APPI. You will receive protection against the loss of your vehicle in case it get stole or damage in accident.

To file a claim, contact your insurance company directly at (888)366-3774. If you need to send any documents, fax them to (225)612-6731.

Users Reviews:

APPI GAP Insurance

Users who purchased gap insurance testified that when their car was destroyed in a fatal accident. Advance Protection Products International Inc, was able to provide a new car for them.

If your auto insurance company agrees to pay out on a claim for theft or loss. Gap insurance will surely cover you. It is true that the policy covers theft and other losses.

How To Get APPI GAP Insurance Cancellation Form?

To request cancellation of your insurance, please fill out and submit the attached cancellation form.

Just Copy this Url in new browser window to download Cancellation Form in PDF.

The insurance claim form gives customers several options for claiming payment on their vehicle’s coverage. When you purchase an insurance policy. You can be sure that your automobile will be covered in the case of theft or accident.

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