How Do I Delete My Uhaul Account

To delete the Uhaul account, your personal data and the U-haul app if you have it installed on your Iphone or Android, please follow the steps below. If you want to end your relationship with U-Haul completely, please follow step by step guide below.

U-Haul is a moving and storage company based in Phoenix, Arizona that allows customers to move their belongings from one location to another. The company provides delivery trucks for rent, as well as other services such as refueling and trailer wiring installation.

How Do I Delete My Uhaul Account Step By Step Guide:

  • To delete your UHaul account, send an email to [email protected] with the subject REQUEST TO DELETE MY UHAUL ACCOUNT.
  • In the body of the email, please include your user ID, your email address and a message explaining why you want to close your account.
  • Please allow at least 30 days for them to respond.[Use This Email Sample To Compose Mail]
How Do I Delete My Uhaul Account

Remove Via Phone:

  • To delete Uhaul account, call their business line at 954-944-9054 and ask them to delete your account.
  • Provide them with your account information so that they can verify you as the owner of the account.

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Cancel U-Haul Subscription on iPhone:

  • To cancel your U-Haul subscription, open the Settings app and tap on your name.
  • Tap on the Subscriptions tab. That you might not automatically see this tab. In that case, tap on iTunes & Appstore.
  • Now Tap on your Apple ID.
  • View Apple ID, now sign in and scroll down to the Subscriptions button.
  • Click on U-Haul subscription you want to review. Now tap Cancel Subscription.
How Do I Delete My Uhaul Account Subscription on Android:
  • To cancel your U-Haul subscription, open the Google Play Store. If you have more than one Google accounts, then make sure you’re signed into the right one.
  • From the Play Store app home screen, tap Menu > My subscriptions.
  • Tap on your U-Haul subscription and tap Cancel Subscription. Finish as directed.

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Final Thoughts:

UHaul is the largest provider of do-it-yourself moving services in North America, with a fleet of more than 150,000 trucks, trailers and tractors. Since 1945, U-Haul has been the choice of millions of movers who want to save money on their own moves. U-Haul customer loyalty has allowed the company to maintain a diverse fleet of vehicles for storing and delivering goods to customers throughout North America.

If you wish to To delete a UHaul account, call their business line 954-944-9054. Ask them to delete your account and give them your account details or cancel your subscription, you must sign in to U-Haul’s website. Go to your profile or account page. Click Billing or Subscriptions to see a list of your options and cancel uhaul subscription.

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