How To Cancel a Fashion Nova Order

Fashion Nova is an online retailer that sells clothing, shoes, and accessories. We all love to buy our favorite products both online and offline, but sometimes we need to cancel our orders.

It’s always a good idea to familiarize yourself with the cancellation policy of any company you plan to order from, especially when dealing with Fashion Nova.

How To Cancel a Fashion Nova Order Guide:

How To Cancel a Fashion Nova Order
  • To cancel an order that you have placed with Fashion Nova, you should contact the company by email or phone. You will likely need to provide your full name and address, order number, and the date of your order. After you make contact with Fashion Nova’s customer service team, they will cancel your order.
  • Log into your fashion nova account, go to your profile, open the order section, select the purchase you want to cancel and click on it. They will send order cancellation mail to you.
  • To cancel an order through fashion nova, you can follow the process above process. However, if the product has been shipped, you will not see a cancel button on your order page. In this case, you can contact customer service and request a cancellation. If you prefer to do so by email, send a message via email.

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How To Modify Your Order Before Shipping?

According to a report by The Independent, most orders are cancelled online because of the lack of options for order modification. However, fashion nova allows customers to modify their orders before they are shipped. The following modifications can be made:

You can edit your shipping or billing address before submitting your order, add or remove items to your cart, change the color or size of products in your cart, apply a discount code and cancel your order. You may also choose your preferred shipping method at this time.

Due to the nature of our business and the speed at which we typically process orders, we are unable to cancel any orders once they have been shipped. We request that you please contact our customer care team by phone or email if you need to return a product for a refund. Check Fashion Nova’s return policy on official website.

How To Get Refund on Fashion Nova Orders?

When you request a cancellation of your order, Fashion Nova initiates a refund process. Online and in-store credits are generally issued for cancelled orders, but if your order was cancelled due to certain reasons, Fashion Nova will refund you back.

The Date you received items you have 30 days to return it. The Items should be in original packaging and unused. You should have receipt or proof of purchase of item. If you don’t have the receipt or proof of purchase, it can still be returned if it is unopened within 90 days of you receiving it.

Final Thoughts:

As you now know, canceling an order with Fashion Nova can be done in three easy steps. The online cancellation process allows you to request a cancellation from the comfort of your own home.

Once a shipment has been initiated, cancellation of the order cannot be processed online. To initiate a return with Fashion Nova, please see the “Returns” section Fashion Nova Website.

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