How To Close Green Dot Account

To close your Green Dot account, log in to your account by using the GreenDot app and select Settings from the menu. Choose Manage card, and then scroll down to “Close my account” follow the instructions. Or log in to your account at and choose Security from the navigation bar, then select “Close my account.

Once you have opened an account with Green Dot, it is likely that you will use it more often for your online shopping. However, if you no longer need the account and its accompanying monthly fees, then it is time to close it.

You can close your Green Dot account yourself, or you can ask customer support staff to do it for you. Once the account is closed, your money will be released to your bank account, and any unused minutes or texts will expire.

How To Close Green Dot Account

How To Close Green Dot Account Via Email:

  • To close your account, please email [email protected] with the subject line “Request to Delete My Green Dot Account.
  • In the body, tell them the reason for closing your account and ask to erase any contact information you may have shared with them.[Use This Email Sample To Compose Your Mail]
  • Upon receipt of your request, they will close your account. You may also request by traditional mail, at California 91117, or P.O. Box 5100, Pasadena.

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Close Via Phone:

To cancel your Green Dot account, you may contact customer support at (866)795-7597 and have them close the account for you. If you prefer to do it yourself, however, you can log into your account and access Security, where you’ll find a point labeled Close Card. Click on that point and your card will be closed immediately.

How To Cancel Green Dot Card:

To cancel your Green Dot card, you will need to clear previous payments first. Keep in mind that closing your account could affect your credit score; however, it can also help reduce the number of late payments on other accounts.To cancel your bill, utility, subscription or other services payments, contact Green Dot customer service at 866-795-7597. They will be able to walk you through the process while answering any questions you have about cancelling your account.

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Green Dot Closed My Account with Money In It, What Should You Do?

If Green Dot Closed Your Account which has money in it you can Reactivate account by Calling the toll-free number on your card sticker and talk to customer service. Put in your credit card number and follow through with security questions to complete your transaction. You will receive confirmation message when reactivation is complete.


Green Dot, created in 1999 as an online shopping card, is a prepaid debit card issued by Green Dot Bank. The card itself is different from a credit card in that it allows users to refill their balance each time they require additional funds. It differs from traditional banking in that it does not offer overdraft protection and does not allow for automatic bill payment using the service.

Green Dot’s original business model was private it stay that way for several years. In 2010, however, the company changed from private to public as it grew more rapidly. It purchased UniRush Financial Services, Santa Barbara Tax Products Group, Loopt and AchieveCard at this time.

Green Dot Corp. is a payday lending company that offers prepaid cards and other services to consumers, including Apple Pay Cash and Uber. The company’s headquarters are in California, where it also has offices in other cities around the world.

The company has worked with a number of other businesses over the years, including AT&T, Walmart, Citibank and others. It offers its users savings accounts with 3% cashback and interest for those who opt for an Unlimited Cashback type of account.

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The Green Dot card is not a line of credit; it makes deductions from potential purchases at participating stores. Users can add money to the card by means of a paycheck or from the point of sale of certain retailers.

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