How To Close Webull Account

To delete Webull account, go to the Menu in the Webull app and Tap on your profile. Scroll down to find Delete Account and confirm your decision by clicking on it.

After you do this, your account will no longer be available for trading and any information about it will be erased from webull servers. However, your past trading history will still be available within servers for future reference.

How To Close Webull Account Step By Step Guide:

How To Close Webull Account
  • To close your webull account, log into your account on the Webull app.
  • Go to Menu and then click on your avatar.
  • Scroll down and find DELETE ACCOUNT, and then click that option.
  • Confirm your action by tapping DELETE ACCOUNT.
  • You will no longer be able to log into Webull or access any of the site’s services or content.

Trim Down Club Cancel Account Complete Guide:


If you have funds or investment in Webull and you’d like to transfer them to a new platform, there are two options available.You can sell all your stocks and exchange funds for cash at a bank, then move the money to a new brokerage account. Or, you can pay Webull to transfer assets from one brokerage to another. Once the transfers are complete, you can delete your Webull account.

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Final Thoughts:

You can close your Webull account at any time. If you’re selling all your assets, or if you’d like Webull to do it for you, make sure to do adequate research before deciding how you want to proceed. Selling stocks will initiate a taxable event; transferring assets will not.

It is possible to close a Webull account without transferring or selling any securities. When you request a closure through the company’s electronic submission system, Webull will liquidate your holdings and then mail you a check for the proceeds.

This option will take the longest time and is not recommended for most traders due to its lack of check writing privileges and other services that other brokers offer. Webull has no branch locations and does not offer any in-person assistance.

Fantime Cancel Account Complete Tutorial:

Closing an online brokerage account is easy. Just click a button and they will transfer your cash to your new account. Before you do this, though, it’s important to know what you will do with that. Often users leave their original goals for investing behind as they shift from a smaller amount into a larger sum over time. As we’ve said many times, investing isn’t a get-rich scheme, It takes time and work!

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