How To Delete Alibaba Account

For users who have an Alibaba account and want to cancel their membership, the website has made it relatively simple and straightforward to do so. There are two ways of doing so: via email or telephone.

How To Delete Alibaba Account Guide:

How To Delete Alibaba Account
  • To cancel your Alibaba account, sign in to your account with your credentials.
  • Go to the My Account which is located on the top right corner and then click your username.
  • Under Personal Information, click on Member Profile.
  • Under Edit Member Profile, Tao Deactivate Account on the far right.
  • Fill out all of the necessary information and then click Deactivate my account at the bottom of this screen.
  • If you see a notification stating that you have successfully canceled your Alibaba account, that means that you have done so successfully.

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To delete your account from Alibaba, contact the company’s customer service department at +86 571 8996 3000. They will be able to help you delete all of your data and close your account.

Final Thoughts:

Alibaba is a Chinese company that provides consumer-to-consumer, business-to-consumer and business-to-business sales services via the internet. It operates as an e-commerce platform and Internet portal.

Alibaba Express is a Division of Alibaba which specialize in Business to Consumer Sales. The main difference between Alibaba and Alibaba Express is that Alibaba has been around for longer and is therefore more established; whereas Alibaba Express focuses specifically on consumer sales. Another difference is that Alibaba offers a wider range of services than does Alibaba Express; for example, it also offers business-to-business sales services.

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Alibaba offers three different ways to sell on its site. You can use Alibaba’s Trade Partner program to list your products and sell directly to consumers. There is also a platform called AliExpress that is designed for smaller businesses and allows you to sell at a lower cost than through Alibaba. For example, if you use AliExpress; you’ll pay a commission fee each time someone buys one of your items from their online shop .

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