How To Delete An iFunny Account

If you are searching for a way to delete your iFunny account, then you have come to the right place. In today’s article, we will outline three different ways on how to permanently delete your iFunny account.

The ifunny website is an excellent choice for users to gain relief from stress and anxiety during the workday. The site’s videos and gifs provide entertainment, as well as a place to share them with others. Users can also create their own gifs, memes, and short videos.

How To Delete An iFunny Account Guide:

  • To delete a iFunny account, open your email account in Gmail, Outlook or your other email provider.
  • In the subject line of an email to [email protected] , write: “Request to delete my iFunny account
  • Specify the reason for deleting your account. Be specific and ask Them to permanently delete your account.
  • See our sample email as a reference. After writing all this information, click Send.

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Delete Via App?

  • You can download the iFunny app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.
  • To Delete account, sign in using your email address and password.
  • Select Profile from the iFunny app home screen;
  • Under Settings you can deactivate your account by selecting Account and then Deactivate Account.
  • Provide your password correctly and confirm that you want to cancel your iFunny account.

How To Delete An iFunny Account on iPhone?

If users wish to permanently delete their account, they can do so by deleting the app on their Android or iPhone. Most smartphones do not allow you to deactivate or delete your account; however, uninstalling the application can help remove your ifunny account permanently.

Users of may believe that irritating messages are the reason for their ifunny account being deleted. This can be fixed by marking the emails as spam or unsubscribing from the mailing list.

To unsubscribe from iFunny emails, open one of their emails and go to the last page of the email. There you will find an Unsubscribe option. Click on that and follow the instructions provided. To avoid receiving more spam from them, it is recommended that you delete account by following their guidelines.

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Final Thoughts:

To permanently delete your iFunny account, email the support team. You can also deactivate your account using the app. To remove a comment in iFunny, open the comment and tap and hold on it. An option to remove the comment will appear when you release your finger. Select remove to delete the comment.

If the website or app is not working correctly, it may be undergoing maintenance or an update. To wait for these to be completed, wait some time and try again later. You can also clear your cache and the history of your browser and then reload the page.You can contact iFunny using their official email address at [email protected].

iFunny is a free application that serves as the most popular entertainment app on the market today. Users can delete or deactivate their iFunny accounts using the methods listed above; however, there is no current version of the software that allows users to delete their accounts.

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