How To Delete Bartleby Account

If you have no further need for Bartleby and wish to close your account, we will be happy to help. Our step-by-step procedure will guide you through the process of deleting your Bartleby account.

Bartleby, an online study website which provides assistance and solutions to the problems students face while doing homework, offer an option to create or edit account information, upload your picture, browse or search for questions and answers, get a detailed solution to the question and ask the online experts for help.

How To Delete Bartleby Account Guide:

How To Delete Bartleby Account
  • To delete your account, please compose an email to [email protected]
  • On the Subject Line You should Type Request Account Deletion.
  • Please include in your message a detailed explanation of why you are requesting this action, including any relevant information about the account’s activity or status over the past six months. [Use This Email Sample To Compose Your Mail]

Remove Via Phone:

  • Contact customer support at (031) 589-5831.
  • On your call you should explain to the representative that you wish to close your account.
  • The representative will help you accordingly.
  • You can follow the given instruction to remove your account immediately from their database.

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How To Delete Bartleby Account Subscription:

  • To Delete Subscription, log in to your account on Bartleby.
  • Go to My Plan on the membership page.
  • Send an email at [email protected] to let them know you wish to delete your account permanently and cancel your Subscription.
  • Give them all essential details like Your Name, Email Address and Contact Number so that Customer Care Person can process your request.
  • After you send email they will verify your information and cancel your subscription.

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Bartleby is an online study portal that was launched in 1993. It was acquired by Barnes & Noble Education in August 2017, and currently has more than 7.4 million users accessing the website on a monthly basis.

It began as a project intended to provide assistance to students in need of help with their homework. However, after it became apparent that the site had potential as a commercial venture, it evolved into a service that helps students navigate their way through problems and come up with solutions.

You can cancel your subscription by sending an email to the Bartleby support team, You can file a request with them to remove your information from their database; however, this does not guarantee that they will remove it from the database altogether.

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