How To Delete Bigo Account

Those who use the Bigo live app want to delete their account because they have changed their iPhone or Android; no longer have time or no longer want to use live app. If you want to delete your Bigo account, whether it is your second and other account or if you want to remove all details from the Bigo app; then you can do it from the given instructions.

How To Delete Bigo Account Guide:

How To Delete Bigo Account
  • Log in to your Bigo account and go to the Me> Feedback page
  • On the Help & Feedback page, click Account.
  • Now Tap I want delete my account and then Tap Delete Account.
  • On the Delete My Account confirmation page, read the text and check that you meet the conditions for account deletion (for example; if you are under 18 years old).
  • Enter your password and click Confirm Deletion to complete deletion of your account.

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Keep in Mind That Above Guide is for Both iPhone & Andriod Phone Users. You will not be able to log in, reactivate, or use your account after deletion. You will not be able to get a refund on any items you purchase or get payment or pending payment from broadcasts and live streams.

All profile information, photos, videos, messages, comments, props, gifts, visual currency, shares, levels and followers can not be restored and it will be permanently deleted.

Bigo Live is a live streaming app like Periscope, with a focus on gaming and other forms of entertainment. In addition to broadcasting live video feeds; the app allows users to engage in voice chat and interact with other users through a number of games.

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The BIGO begin in 2016 and currently is one of the most popular online video streaming platforms in the world. According to estimates, there are more than 400 million registered members on the app.

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