How To Delete Chegg Account

If you wish to delete your Chegg account or cancel a subscription, you may do so online at After Cancelling your subscription you can continue using your account for for Chegg’s free services, like Writing Tools and Flashcards, as well as for ordering textbooks. Deleting your information will remove your personal information from database. All of the information in MyAccount will be deleted, and you’ll need to start a whole new account if you decide to use services again.

How To Delete Chegg Account Guide:

How To Delete Chegg Account
  • To close your account with Chegg, compose an email to the address at [email protected]
  • Include Request to Delete My Account.
  • In your subject line, Write “Request To Delete Chegg Account
  • You can write a detailed explanation of why you are requesting this action. Please note that you should send mail from same email address which you use at sign up. They will not delete any accounts without a clear and complete reason for doing so.[Use This Email Sample To Compose Your Mail]

Learn How To Delete Experian Account In This Tutorial:

Cancel Subscription:

  • To cancel a Chegg subscription or order, log into your account and navigate to My Account -> Orders.
  • Under All Orders tab, you will see a Subscriptions subsection.
  • Select the subscription you want to cancel.
  • Now Tap Cancel Subscription. You need to confirm your choice, Tap Cancel Subscription again to confirm it.
  • To ensure that all active subscriptions have been cancelled before deleting your account please make sure to repeat these steps for each active subscription before proceeding with deletion of your account.

How To Delete Chegg Account Via Website:

  • To Delete Chegg Account, log in to the site with your username and password.
  • You can visit My Account section of the site.
  • Tap Chat icon / Contact Us button at the right hand corner of the page.
  • Tap I want to close my Account.
  • If you have any pending subscriptions, cancel them by tapping Cancel My Subscription and proceed by selecting Chat with Advocate.
  • Answer relevant questions asked to you and state that you want to delete your account.

Delete Wizards Unite Account Step By Step Guide:

Final Thoughts:

Chegg is a useful resource for students because its website provides access to textbooks, homework help, and study tools. Chegg aims to make learning easier by offering services that make it possible for students to learn.

These services include textbook ordering, a textbook rental program, homework help forums and solutions from experts who are paid when they contribute an answer to one of the site’s more than 11 million questions. Chegg also offers live chat support from Chegg Experts seven days a week and 24 hours per day.

It does not own the content in its store. Rather, it sells textbooks produced independently by different publishers under its brand names. Chegg does not produce, stores or have copies of any course material its customers may be renting.

Currently, Chegg offers more than 2 million textbooks and works with publishers to add new titles every year. It also sells study aids such as flashcards; these are made by third parties and not Chegg itself.

They will process your request and delete your account within 48 hours after receiving it. You can email them at [email protected] with the subject line Delete My Account and Add Your Name and Chegg username in the body of the email.

Students can delete your Chegg account on social media by contacting the support team via your social media account. You must tweet a post with the [email protected] to reach the support team and have them assist you with your deletion request.

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