How To Delete Account is a cryptocurrency exchange which allows its customers to sell, buy, and trade cryptocurrencies and NFTs. However, there are a number of reasons you might want to close your account: does not give you a straightforward way to terminate your account. If you wish to delete your account, you must first submit a request to the company’s customer support team; they will then respond with specific instructions on how to remove your account from the system.

How To Delete Account

How To Delete Account Step By Step Method

  • To delete your account, you must send an email to the company with the subject line “Delete my account.” In the body of the message, include your name and the date you registered for the service.
  • Please use the same email address you used when signing up for your account. If you do not do this, They will not be able to close your account.
  • On a sheet of paper, write down all the information required for the action. To do this, list your full name, the date of the action, and a simple statement describing how you will communicate with
  • To complete the second step of the process, take a picture of yourself holding the document you just filled out. The photo should clearly show your face, upper chest and whole arm. This is for identification purposes only; it will not be used for anything else and is also a security measure to ensure no one else tries to close your account for you.

To close your account, you must write an email to [email protected]. In the body of the email, include reasons why you want to close the account and attach a valid image that proves ownership of your account.

Delete Account

You can expect a response from the [email protected] email address within one day, and once the cancellation process is complete, you will receive an email confirming that. If the photo you send is decline, you can take another and send it to [email protected]

If you close your account, you can no longer access it or make trades; however, if you close it before withdrawing funds from it, you can contact customer support to recover the funds.

How To Get Back Your Money

To get the money back, you should meet certain conditions. First, you forfeit your right to claim refunds by closing your account before the deadline for filing a complaint. Second, if you close your account after the deadline for filing a complaint but before it has been resolve, you also lose the right to file a complaint with the Consumer Protection Agency.

Cancel Crypto Visa Card Service

To cancel the Visa Card service, log onto the app card page and tap on the card icon. It’s on the right side of the screen. To freeze a card, tap the Visa card option under the Settings menu.

Upon request, will freeze and de-link the card from your account. You will get a notification at your email or text. Depending on the method you choose to close your Visa Card.

The fee for closing the card is $50 and will be used to cover processing fees incurred by as part of closing your account.

Final Thoughts: offers a different approach to account deletion than many other centralized exchanges. To delete your account on, you must send an email to the support team stating why you wish to permanently delete your account.

Once you have confirmed your identity and provided the necessary information, your crypto exchange account. mobile app account, and VISA card will delete permanently from servers.

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