How To Delete Hangout Account

Hangouts has replaced the google voice service. It is a messaging and video calling app that has been designed by Google. Hangout has been released as a part of the Google+ but later has been repackaged as its own standalone product. The main purpose of the app is to offer enterprise solutions to small and large businesses, but some people see it very useful in day-to-day communications. Some devices come with this app pre-installed, but in case you don’t like the program you can opt-out of it.

If you don’t want to communicate, send messages, make video or voice calls, or sign into Google Mail, you need to delete your Google Account to completely close your Google Hangouts account.

How To Delete Hangout Account

How To Delete Hangout Account

You can fully delete/disable the Hangouts account app on your device. Because it is available and integrated into almost all the popular operating systems, I’ll list the various methods available for different operating systems.

  • To uninstall the Hangouts application:- Go to the phone settings- Go to applications- Go to all apps
  • Find the Hangout app, click on it. Then click on information in the Hangout app
  • Click on clear application data, if you see that option.
  • If it is not possible to uninstall or clear application data, disable the application.

To block hangouts users, click on the link while logging in with your email address used to use Hangouts on your computer.

To stop getting Hangout invites in your Gmail: Go to the left main menu by clicking the 3 stacked lines in the upper left corner of your web browser Go to Settings Go to customize invitation settings Change the first two options to send you invitations Change Everyone else to Cannot Send Invitations

If you have downloaded and installed the google hangouts plugin on your browser, you can remove the plugin by following the link below.

How To Turn Off or Delete Hangouts History?

Open the Hangouts app. On the home screen, click a conversation thread to open it. Scroll to the bottom of the chat window where you can see your chat history with that contact. Mark the box beside any messages you would like to remove then tap Delete. Tap Delete once more to confirm your choice.

Remove Group History

You can leave the conversation of a group hangout, but you cannot delete a group’s history. If a group adds you back to the group call, you can see the group history again. This application is the same in both Android and iPhone applications.

How To Delete Hangout Account Conversation with a contact on Android

In the Hangouts app on your Android phone or tablet, open a conversation you want to delete. To delete a conversation: Touch More . Touch Options . Touch Delete conversation at the top right. Tap Delete if you are sure you want to delete your conversation.

How To Delete Hangout Account Conversation with a contact on iOS

Go to the Hangouts app on your iPhone or iPad. Delete a conversation with a Contact Open the Hangouts app on your iPhone or iPad. Open a conversation. At the top right, touch More> Options> Archive conversation. New messages that you send/receive are also shown in your conversation list. Tap on delete if you want to completely delete your conversation.

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