How To Delete HBO Max Account

To delete your HBO Max account, log in to your account at Once you are logged in, choose the Deactivate my subscription link. Then, follow the prompts to confirm your decision and remove access to your profile from all devices.

HBO Max is a subscription based streaming service that offers many options from DC Comics, Warner Bros., Cartoon Network, Turner Classic Movies and Crunchyroll to even more entertainment.

How To Delete HBO Max Account Guide:

Delete HBO Max Account
  • You can delete your HBO Max account. To do so, sign into the app on a platform of your choice the website, mobile app, smart TV, or streaming box.
  • Click the Profile icon on the bottom edge of the screen on a phone or on the left side of the screen on a tablet or computer.
  • Tap Settings, Choose Billing Information and choose Manage Subscription.
  • Click on Cancel Subscription and confirm your cancellation before making a note of the expiration date.
  • After Carefully following above steps your HBO Max Account will be deleted Permanently.

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Cancel Profile:

  • To delete a HBO Max profile, open the HBO Max app on a platform of your choice the website, mobile app, smart TV, or streaming box.
  • When prompted to select a profile.
  • You can Tap on Manage Profiles at the bottom of the screen.
  • Now Click Delete under the profile you would like to remove.
  • Tap Delete again to confirm this action.
  • After following these steps, you will be returned to the Manage Profiles screen and all profiles belonging to that HBO Max account will be removed.
  • Repeat this process to delete any other HBO Max accounts you no longer want or need before logging out.

How To Delete HBO Max Account Via Email:

  • To delete HBO Max account, send an email to with the following details HBO Max Username Password Email Address.
  • In Subject Line write Delete HBO Max Account. [Use This Email Sample To Compose Your Mail]
  • After receiving the confirmation message, you will not log in to your account since the support team delete your account.
  • If you cannot access your HBO Max account via email, you can also call their customer care number +(855) 442-6629

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How To Delete HBO Max Account on iPhone:

  • To delete HBO Max from your iPhone, on your home screen, tap and hold HBO Max until it begins shaking.
  • When it start to shake, you will notice an X Mark at the highest point of the application symbol.
  • Click on that X to Delete HBO Max from your iPhone.


Go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage > App & Website Usage. You will then be able to see HBO Max applications installed on your iPhone. Select the application and delete it from your device.

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Final Thoughts:

HBO Max offers an impressive library of content, including films from DC Entertainment, Warner Bros, Cartoon Network, Turner Classic Movies and others. It also stream the entirety of Warner Bros theatrical slate the day they hit theaters. With so much to choose from, it’s a good thing that HBO Max makes it easy to create user profiles so everyone enjoys their own personalized experience.

After all, you probably shared the password with your friends. While profiles are a great way to ensure everyone has their own personalized experience, there may come a time when you need to drop a profile or two because you ran out of room for more. If that happens, you can delete HBO Max profile with above guide.

HBO Max optimize your viewing experience by providing recommendations based on the content you watch, while also allowing you to create a personal watch-list. Profiles give you option to create separate spaces and recommendations for each user.

Deleting an HBO Max profile can be done in one of three ways: by visiting the official HBO Max website through your computer, through a mobile app for Android or iOS, or through your smart TV or streaming box Apple TV, Fire TV, etc. The steps for deleting your HBO Max profile are the same across platforms.

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