How to delete kakao account

Kakao allows individuals to delete their accounts themselves, but the process is not as straightforward as it might be. Kakao offers different services including Kakao Talk, Kakao Story and Kakao Games. Users must first un-register from these services before they can delete their accounts.

Deleting a social media account is a common occurrence. For example, if you’re bored with the application or unsatisfied with recent updates and policies, or if you simply want to get away from it all. If you are using KakaoTalk and are looking for an easy way to delete your account, then this guide is for you!

How to delete kakao account Guide:

How to delete kakao account
  • Open your KakaoTalk app and then navigate to your account settings. The settings are the starting point for the deletion of your account.
  • In account settings, select the last option named Support.
  • Once you have selected Support, another set of options will be displayed.
  • From this menu, select Help.
  • The support and help options in the application include two categories of tips from the application and a list of options for help.
  • From that, choose How do I delete my account option. This option will allow you to see a list of numbers in a drop-down menu along with an explanation of each number.
  • Select the numbered option named “How do I delete my account?”
  • To permanently delete your Kakaotalk account, scroll down and select the blue option.
  • Delete Kakao Account. By selecting this option; you will be removed so close to deleting your account.
  • Finally, select the Confirm button to officially delete your Kakaotalk account. Make sure that you have done the backup process before deleting.
  • After deleting your KakaoTalk account, do not log in again. If you log in again, your account will become active again.

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Final Thoughts:

KakaoTalk, a social media application developed by Kakao Corporation, is one of the most popular App in Korea. If you are not satisfied with the recent update or if you want to take a break from social media, you can deactivate your account.

KakaoTalk is a popular messaging app used by millions of people worldwide. It includes features like text, voice and photo/video messaging, along with various other features that can be accessed through the app’s interface. Today, many popular applications like WhatsApp, Signal and Instagram are available for sending messages, media files and other types of data.

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This article provides advice on how to delete your Kakaotalk account. If you are searching for deleting kakaotalk account, then here is a guide for the procedure. Just follow the procedures that are mentioned above and delete your account easily.

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