How to Delete Messages on Pinterest

Pinterest has a messaging feature that enables users to interact with each other through chat. Pinterest is not as straightforward as Facebook Messenger or Instagram Direct Messages. It may take a few tries to get the hang of it, especially if you are new to Pinterest.

How to Delete Messages on Pinterest

Pinterest allows you to hide your messages, but they won’t be permanently deleted. In other words, the messages are not visible in your inbox and can still be found on the server, although they cannot be deleted.

First, we’ll look at how you can delete a conversation thread with someone on Pinterest. Later in this post, I’ll cover how to make sure that your messages aren’t read by anyone but their intended recipients.

How to Delete Messages on Pinterest Using old App?

For users of older versions of the Pinterest app, here are steps to delete messages. it is not possible to delete messages on Pinterest permanently on new version but you can hide conversation.

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To delete a message, open the Pinterest app and go to the Messages section. Hold down on the message for three seconds until the trashcan icon appears. Tap on it and the message will be removed.

Messages you send on Pinterest will be deleted from your account permanently. However, you can only delete messages from your chat history. Because they will remain in your conversation history, the other Pinterest user you’re chatting with may still see them. However, if you ask them to delete those messages from their account, they will be removed from yours as well.

How to hide accidental messages?

The Internet has made it possible for people to share their thoughts and ideas with the public quickly and easily. Every day, thousands of people find themselves in situations where they have accidentally shared something they meant to keep private.

It is possible to unsend messages sent via Instagram, but the process is not simple. The sender must hold down on the message for a few seconds and then tap an option that says “unsend.”

There is no direct “unsend” button on Pinterest. You cannot unsend a message that has already been sent to another user’s account. You can hide message from the person by blocking that user or report the conversation.

If a user has not been active on the platform during the period of time in which you sent the message, they will not be able to retrieve that message.

Do you want to keep someone from reading a message you did not intend to send, delete the message from your sender’s sent folder, change the recipient’s email address, or forward the message to yourself. If none of these techniques work, contact the Pinterest support team.

How to Delete Messages on Pinterest with Mac or Windows:

To delete a message from the inbox of your Pinterest account, log in to your Pinterest account, open the inbox and click the X mark on the right side of the message that you want to remove.

To unhide a conversation >Tap the inbox> Select the conversation you want to unhide>Swipe from right to left on the conversation, then tap More to Unhide.

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