How To Delete Metamask Account

If you are looking for an easy and straightforward way to delete your MetaMask account, look no further. In this Guide, we’ll show you how to delete your MetaMask account with ease.

MetaMask is a software wallet that allows users to interact with the Ethereum blockchain. It can be accessed through a mobile app or browser extension. It is not possible to remove created accounts, you can still remove imported accounts. These will have been imported with private keys or JSON.

How To Delete Metamask Account Guide:

How To Delete Metamask Account
  • In order to remove an imported account from Metamask, navigate to My Accounts by clicking on the top-right account icon.
  • Select or tap on the imported account in order to open its view.
  • Now, tap on the three vertical dots menu on the right and choose Remove Account from its dropdown menu.

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To remove MetaMask from your browser, right-click the extension icon and select Remove from Chrome This will remove metamask wallet permanently. This process will be similar for all web browsers.

How To Delete Metamask Account on Mobile:

  • To delete your MetaMask account, locate the MetaMask application on your iOS or Android device.
  • Tap the MetaMask icon.
  • This will show you a couple of options. Choose Delete to delete account.

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Final Thoughts:

MetaMask users can uninstall the extension or app at any time. However, Ethereum addresses are tamper-proof and cannot be deleted. The closest thing to deleting an Ethereum address is forgetting about it altogether and abandoning it. The blockchain doesn’t store any user data therefore it absolutely safe to do so.

Cryptocurrency holders store their digital assets on crypto wallets. These wallets exist as long as they remain connected to the Ethereum network. If you are using MetaMask on your mobile device, simply uninstall it; if you’d like to remove MetaMask from your browser, remove its extension.

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Because wallets on the Ethereum network do not store any user information, there is no account to delete. As long as you have retrieved all of the remaining funds and other tokens within your address, you can simply forget about it and abandon it completely.

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