How To Delete Nintendo Account

We Bring Step By Step Guide to Delete Nintendo Account: Nintendo is popular video game company in the world. The Japanese giant has proven its success with its Nintendo Switch. Which ranks among the top 10 best-selling video game consoles of all time.

Nintendo has a long history of creating fun, endearing games designed to keep players hooked. The Super Mario franchise, The Legend of Zelda, Animal Crossing and Pokemon are just some of the titles that have remained popular over the years.

Because of the high level of engagement that some Nintendo games demand. Many players are looking for ways to stop playing them. If you want to delete your Nintendo account, read this article.

How To Delete Nintendo Account Step By Step Method:

How To Delete Nintendo Account
  • Users can delete their Nintendo accounts through their accounts’ settings pages.
  • First, log in to your account. To do so, click on your icon in the top right corner and select Settings.
  • On the next page, click on the Other Settings button under your icon.
delete their Nintendo accounts
  • On the following screen, you should see a button labeled Delete Account in the bottom portion of the screen.
  • Clicking this button will prompt you with a confirmation screen where you can read about what will happen if you delete your account.
Confirm delete Nintendo accounts
  • Note that after confirming deletion, your account will enter a 30-day period of deactivation during which you can reverse course and change your mind about deleting it for good. After this period ends, your account will be deleted forever.”
  • After deleting your account, it will be deactivated for 30 days.
  • You can activate it again within the next 30 days just sign in to your account. Insert the verification code you received via email when you created the account.


Deleting your Nintendo account is a quick and simple process. It will take some mental resilience to stop yourself from accessing and reactivating your Nintendo account once you decide to delete it, but the effort will be worth it.

If you are considering reactivating your account, note that this is completely normal but try to resist it for 30 days until the deletion is complete.

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