How To Delete Western Union Account

To delete your Western Union account, go to the company’s website and click on the My Account tab.When you’re there, Tap on the Delete Account link.You’ll be asked to confirm your decision before your account is deleted.

Western Union is a financial services company founded in 1851 as the New York and Mississippi Valley Printing Telegraph Company. In 1856, it replaced its name with Western Union Company after merging with another company. It allows customers to send money online to friends and relatives around the world, or receive money from others.

How To Delete Western Union Account Guide:

How To Delete Western Union Account
  • To delete your Western Union account, sign into your email account and write a request to delete the account.
  • In the subject line. Type Request To Delete My Account.
  • In an email message You can add WU username, email address and phone number and send it to [email protected] [Use This Email Sample To Compose Your Mail]
  • It can take upto 30 days for them to deactivate your account from their database; after that, you can no longer use this service.

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Alternate Method:

To close your Western Union account, visit the contact us page on the Western Union website. Call them at their Customer Care Number 1-800-325-6000 and let them know you want to close your account so they can help you.


Western Union is an online service that allows customers to transfer money to family members or friends who live in other countries. They also offer a mobile app for Android and iPhone.

To cancel your Western Union account, log in to your email account. Type Request Account Deletion on the subject line of an email and send it to [email protected]. You can delete your account from the Western Union app by contacting customer service. They will help you remove your name and information from the app.

To delete your Western Union receiver, log into your account on the Western Union website and go to the My Account tab. Under My Profile, Tap on the link that says Delete Receiver.

Western Union offers its clients the option of deleting transactions from their history. To do so, visit My Account section of the company’s website and Tap on the History tab. Then click on the Delete button which is next to each transaction you wish to delete.

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To make Western Union payments traceable, the sender must provide the name and location of the recipient. Payment can not be trace if sender does not provide Name and location of recipient.

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