How To Delete Wink Account

Wink is a mobile app that allows users to instantly connect with random people and make friends from around the world.

The Wink app belongs to F&W Team, a team of five people who work together to create applications. Like other applications of the group, this one is intended to defraud its users. Within minutes of joining the program, users receive constant messages and calls. These messages and calls are fake. The Wink app is not worth explaining about.

How To Delete Wink Account Step By Step Tutorial:

How To Delete Wink Account

In the Wink mobile app, you cannot delete your subscription. You cannot delete your account by sending an email. I searched through the mobile app but they reported that Wink account deletion was not found.

According to the information provided in support, Wink account cannot be deleted.Wink does not provide the feature of deleting your account yet. Please use your Wink account and if any problem, contact Customer Service.

If you have a Wink Premium subscription, do not deactivate or remove the app from your device until you have logged out of the app and received an email confirmation.

Cancel Premium Subscription Wink:

To cancel your Wink Premium subscription, you must turn off auto renewal at least 24 hours before your subscription expires. To do so in the Google Play App Store: Log in to your account settings. Click on “Manage subscriptions” and choose “Cancel subscription.”

If you pay for a subscription through any of the following methods: App Store, Play Store, or other payment methods, you must cancel your Wink Premium subscription with the same method. You must perform this action at least 24 hours before your Wink Premium subscription renews.

How To Cancel Wink Premium Subscription at Google Play Store

To cancel a subscription to Wink, open the Google Play Store app on your Android device. If you are signed in to the correct Google Account, tap Menu Subscriptions and choose Wink Premium subscription. Tap Cancel subscription.

How To Cancel Wink Subscription on ios:

To cancel a subscription, open the Settings app. Tap your name. Tap Subscriptions. If you don not see Subscriptions, tap iTunes & App Store instead. Click on your Apple ID, then View Apple ID, sign in and scroll down to Subscriptions. Choose Wink Premium subscription. Tap Cancel Subscription.

How To Remove Wink App on Facebook?

If you are logging in with Facebook, you can remove the Wink app from your Timeline. To do so, log in to Facebook and click on the drop-down menu at the top right corner of your screen. Select Settings & Privacy then Settings. Tap on Apps & Websites from the left menu. Select the app or game you want to remove and click Remove.After removing the app or game, it cannot be posted on your timeline again. If you still see an old post, you can remove it by clicking Remove again.

How To Delete Wink Account App on Gmail:

To remove Wink from your Google account, sign in to your Gmail account and click From the left-hand menu, select App permissions. Select Remove access for the application or service you want to remove.

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