How To Get Rid of The Arrow on iPhone

To remove the arrow from your iPhone, go to Settings > General > Keyboard and then tap uppercase H. This will remove the arrow from your iPhone. If you have multiple hollow arrows on your iPhone, you can also tap on the Status Bar Icon to remove them.

Some background location services and applications on Apple devices automatically turn on the device’s location service. But in favor of users’ privacy, these services and applications will display an arrow icon at the top of the device’s status bar on iOS devices and Macs’ menu bar. This is an option that users can manage manually by disabling or turning on the arrow.

How To Get Rid of The Arrow on iPhone Guide:

How To Get Rid of The Arrow on iPhone
  • To Get Rid of The Arrow on iPhone, first open Settings and scroll down to the Keyboard option.
  • From here, tap the plus sign in the top right corner to add a space for the arrow.
  • Swipe up on the screen to remove it.

The hollow arrow indicates that some apps are actively using Geo-fencing. This Means When you go to a set location this will trigger an action. For instance, you may set up a location based reminder e.g, set a reminder to call Bobby when I am home and when you are home, you will be notified. Your iPhone will Obviously use location services. A solid black arrow indicates that your device is actively accessing your location.

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How To Turn Off Location Services:

You should disable location services on your device when you are not using it. For example, you may want to extend the life of your battery by disabling location services when you are not using your device so that it does not track your location. Note that some apps may not work if you disable this function.

To Disable Location Services: Tap Settings -> Privacy and Location Services -> Location -> select Never from the screen that appears. This means that this app will no longer use its location data for any purpose.

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