How To Restart Rise of Kingdoms

In This Tutorial we are going to Learn how to Restart Rise of Kingdoms with Step by Step Guide given below. Rise of Kingdoms, a simulator of building civilizations from the ground up; allows players to create their own civilizations and watch them develop over time. Players can build structures, defensive buildings, and wage war against others.

How To Restart Rise of Kingdoms Guide:

How To Restart Rise of Kingdoms
  • The game does not offer any way to reset an account or clear progress; but there is a workaround that does just that.
  • The idea is to use another email account to log in to the same email; thus resulting in a way to clear account progress.
  • To reset the game to its original state; first access the application settings from your phone and press the “Delete Data” option. Then create another email address and use this for the reset.
  • Log in to the Play Store with this new account so that when you enter the game; it detects this same new account.
  • It will terminate the process and you can reboot Rise of Kingdoms in a totally easy way.

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Or You Can Use This Method Below To Restart Rise of Kingdoms:

  • To restart your game, open your profile.
  • Click on your avatar in the upper corner and select Character Management.
  • Create a new character by clicking on the appropriate button and selecting a server.
  • After you confirm the action, your existing game will be deleted and restart again.


Players can start a new kingdom by using Beginner’s Teleports; which take them to the main screen of the game and then reduce the zoom of the screen; Players then click on a globe icon that takes them to a list of kingdoms in which they can start their new game.

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Note: To delete your character in Rise of Kingdoms, you must fulfill several conditions. First, your City Hall must be at least Level 16. Next, you cannot be in a battle or have any pending battles. If you are in an alliance, you must leave it before proceeding with the deletion.

Final Thoughts:

Rise of Kingdoms is a strategy game in which the player’s progress depends on certain factors. Players often become frustrated and want to delete the application; however, deleting this game will not help the player restart it.

There are many people who become addicted to video games. They love the games, feel good while playing them, have a lot of fun, and enjoy the time they spend playing.

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But at some point, the game’s appeal begins to wane for many players; for some, it’s because the game has become too difficult or frustrating; while others have simply exhausted all of its content and are looking for ways to reinvigorate their experience. For those players who are looking for a new challenge; we’ve written this guide on how to restart Rise of Kingdoms.

There is no direct way to do this, but today we show you how to trick the system so that you can start your adventure again in Rise of Kingdoms.

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