How To Take Off Maybe Contact on iPhone

On your iPhone, you can take off Maybe function by going to Settings > Notifications Center and un-link your app from notifications. You can also delete your app and re-download it at a later time.

When you send a text to someone, the name of the contact appears in your message as Maybe, but it doesn’t look right. In this article I’ll explain why Maybe is displayed and show you how to fix the problem.

How To Take Off Maybe Contact on iPhone Guide:

How To Take Off Maybe Contact on iPhone
  • Your iPhone contacts most likely say Maybe because it has connected a name from a previous email or message to someone trying to contact you now. This is because your iPhone saves information from emails or text messages you receive and connects it with another message in future.
  • If you have enabled Siri Suggestion on Lock Screen, you will see the Maybe next to a contact’s name in a notification on your iPhone’s lock screen. To take off Maybe from appearing next to a contact’s name in your notifications, go to Settings > Siri and turn off the switch next to Suggestions on Lock Screen.
  • If your iPhone is running iOS 12 or newer, you can add a contact from a Messages conversation by tapping the information button in the upper right-hand corner of the conversation.
  • After you have added a contact to your iPhone, there may sometimes still be a small glitch or sync problem. To fix this, delete the contact and add them again. You can Delete a contact on Your iPhone; just open phone app and click on Contacts located at bottom of the screen; Now find contacts you want to delete and click on it. Next click edit in the upper right hand corner of the screen and scroll down and click Delete contact.

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How To Update iPhone iOS:

When iPhone was running iOS 11, It ran into this issue. After updating to iOS 12 this problem has completely gone away. I’m not suggesting that updating your iPhone will completely fix your problem, but it’s worth a try. You can update Your iPhone by going to Settings than General Software Update. If an update is available you can click download and install it.

Apps, such as Skype, Uber, and Pocket , may ask for your permission to access contacts stored on your iPhone. Permission is require so that those apps can easily integrate with your contacts to provide better functionality.

If you delete an app that has access to your contacts, however; the iPhone will say Maybe when you try to sync them with other apps. In this situation, you can either reinstall the app or manually update your contacts.

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Final Thoughts:

The deletion tool on iMessage is not available, so there’s no way to remove a message from your conversation history. It’s a built-in feature that allows you to indicate that you are unsure about something and are therefore asking for clarification.

If you are not in to someone let them know with clear message that i am not in to you or You can simply say, I am not looking for anything serious. If they continue to contact you after you’ve made it clear that you’re not interested; just delete their number or block them.

To disable the feature that suggests names for contacts on your iPhone, go to Settings > Contacts > Suggestions. Toggle the Show Contact Names setting to off. You can change Your Maybe Name on your iPhone by opening app settings; and click on your Name at top of the screen. Under Name, you will be able to edit your name and nickname.

When you send a text, your phone number automatically convert into that person’s contact information. This is to keep the sender’s identity private by ensuring recipients do not need to look through their contacts list.

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In some cases, your contacts show up as numbers on your phone. One possibility is that you have them synced with Google account and they are numbered based on their order in the list. Another possibility is that your contacts were saved in a format that your phone doesn’t recognize.

The Maybe message that appears in your iPhone contacts is not a mistake. It indicates that the iPhone has not been able to determine whether you are in a location where Apple can detect your wifi network, or if you have disabled wifi on your iPhone.

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