Liquid Detected in Lightning Connector

In this Guide we will Provide Easy Fix Method When iPhone shows Liquid Detected in Lightning Connector. When you connect your iPhone to a Lightning cable, but you receive an error message saying there is liquid in the connector, it’s crucial to take action quickly. In this article, I’ll explain what to do if your iPhone says there’s liquid in its Lightning connector!

Why Does Liquid Detected in Lightning Connector Showing in iPhone?

Liquid Detected in Lightning Connected

If you have an iPhone XS or later, your phone can detect liquid in the Lightning port. When it does, the charging may cease and a message that says Liquid has been detected in the Lightning connector will appear on your screen.

If you dropped your iPhone in water and the screen went black, don’t worry. There is a way to save it from damage and we’ll tell you how. When you see this message on your iPhone, unplug it from its charger and leave it out to dry for several hours. While your iPhone dries out, avoid plugging anything into its Lightning port. The liquid in the Lightning port could permanently damage your iPhone’s hardware and would require replacing any damaged parts.

The Emergency Override option is not recommended for charging your iPhone. If your iPhone supports wireless charging, it might be safer to charge your iPhone with a Qi-enabled wireless charger while your charging port dries. However, if your iPhone was exposed to a lot of water before this error message appeared, it’s likely that liquid has spread to other components of your iPhone; therefore, it’s best to avoid wireless charging as well.

How Much Time is Required To Dry Your iPhone?

To dry out your iPhone, turn off your device, place it on a flat surface and leave it undisturbed for several hours. This may come with a notification that says it takes several hours to dry out the connector, but be patient. Do not pick up or move your iPhone while it is drying.

Things To Ovoid Doing with Wet iPhone!

Liquid Detected in Lightning Easy Fix

Contrary to popular belief, rice will not absorb moisture from a water-damaged iPhone. The iPhone is filled with liquid-resistant materials including a water-resistant adhesive that holds the screen in place and another coating on the logic board so it’s best to avoid exposing these areas to excess moisture.

If you suspect your iPhone has been submerged in water, leave it powered down. Keep it away from heat sources like radiators or hot cars. Contact Apple Support for further guidance on how to proceed with your device.

Never use a hair dryer or air compressor to dry your iPhone. Doing so may push liquid further into the Lightning port of your iPhone, potentially causing more damage.

Problem Solved

We dried the Lightning connector thoroughly, and the “Liquid Detected In Lightning Connector” message should no longer appear. You can also Help Your Friend and Family if they face similar situation. Ask them to read this post to solve their own issues about Liquid Detected In Lightning Connector message in iPhone.

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