Wrist Detection Apple Watch Not Working

To prevent your Apple Watch from locking each time you remove it from your wrist, disable the Wrist Detection feature. To reactivate this feature, simply turn Wrist Detection back on. The Apple Watch has a built-in sensor on its back that is used to determine whether or not it is being worn on your wrist. … Read more

APPI GAP Insurance Claim

When you purchase insurance from a car dealership, the dealership will be responsible for paying you the amount of money that you would have received from your insurance company had you been involved in an accident and your car was declared a total loss. If your car is stolen, you can file a claim with … Read more

How To Send Pictures on Tinder

We are going to discuss three ways of sending pictures on Tinder, as well as cover at the end of the article how you can send animated GIFs. Tinder does not allow users to send pictures as part of their messaging capabilities. However, there is a workaround that allows you to circumvent this limitation. Send … Read more

Liquid Detected in Lightning Connector

In this Guide we will Provide Easy Fix Method When iPhone shows Liquid Detected in Lightning Connector. When you connect your iPhone to a Lightning cable, but you receive an error message saying there is liquid in the connector, it’s crucial to take action quickly. In this article, I’ll explain what to do if your … Read more

Make Your PS4 Controller Vibrate

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How To Play Game Pigeon on Android

You can Play Game Pigeon on Android Device by the steps given below on this site. Game Pigeon, an Apple-exclusive game for the iMessage messaging service, has gained popularity since its release alongside a revamped iMessage app in iOS 10. It’s only available to Mac, iOS, and iPad OS users. Traditional messaging services such as … Read more

100 Ultimate Kahoot Game IT Pin That Works

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Free Roblox Gift Card Codes

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Project QT Gift Codes

The game Project QT is a puzzle RPG that combines puzzle mechanics with turn-based combat. Its story begins after an experiment with a black hole in the Arctic which opens up a rift and unleashes a mysterious space virus capable of decimating mankind. As the player, your goal will be to recruit a team of … Read more