What Does The Gold Diamond Mean on Tinder

Tinder’s Top Picks program uses a gold diamond icon to indicate that a user has been selected by Tinder as one of the app’s most highly rated matches. This article will explain how the program works.

A feature called Top Picks was introduced in the summer of 2018, and at first it was available only to Tinder Gold subscribers. The feature began as an experiment to see what users thought of it and was introduced to Tinder users in the UK, Germany, Brazil, France, Canada, Turkey, Mexico, Sweden, Russia, and the Netherlands before being extended to the US and eventually rolled out worldwide.

What is Tinder Top Picks Feature?

What Does The Gold Diamond Mean on Tinder

Tinder Top Picks is one of many premium services offer by the popular dating app. The service allows users to view between 1 and 10 matches choose for them by Tinder’s algorithm.

What Does The Gold Diamond Mean on Tinder? The Tinder app displays your matches of the day in a 2×2 grid of smaller profile cards. If you tap on the diamond icon at the top of the screen, you can see full-size versions of these profiles and decide if you want to swipe left or or Swipe Right. There Profile will also appear while doing normal browsing if he/she choose you as one of their picks for the day.

Until recently, only Tinder Gold subscribers could see the diamonds attached to profiles; this was part of the elite-only experience. Tinder has decided to allow common folk to access this feature under certain conditions.

In early 2019, the Tinder app began to show “Gold diamonds” to regular users instead of the usual swipes; This change allowed users to view their Top Picks.

Tinder users can only swipe on one profile at a time. Swiping left or no on a profile will discard it and allow you to move on to the next profile; whereas swiping right or yes will open up a chat window with that user.

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How Face Algorithm Works in Tinder?

What Does The Gold Diamond Mean on Tinder

The Tinder algorithm works by using your profile, which consists of your bio, photos and any other information you have included, to match you with other users that the company believes you may be compatible with. The company does not do extensive analysis on profile pictures or genetic material; instead it uses its own algorithm to determine the best matches for its users.

The Match program scans your personal profile, looking for keywords. It then uses those keywords to assign a label to you, such as Creative, and finds other users who have the same label in your area and age range.

The Tinder’s rumor mill states that the “app’s algorithm analyzes your past swipe pattern and uses this information to eliminate users who do not fit the parameters you set”. For example, if your age range is set to 30-45 but you consistently swipe left on people older than 40; the algorithm will screen out people over 40 from your Top Picks. It is unknown what exact things the algorithm analyzes to make these decisions.

Top Picks is a useful feature on the Tinder app, but it can be improve. In order to improve your Top Picks, you should make sure the information in your bios is accurate and relevant. If a person state in his bio that he hate mountain biking, the algorithm will assume that he like mountain biking, because it only pays attention to one word in my bio mountain biking. This can lead to inaccurate Top Picks.

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Tinder Gold Subscribers:

What Does The Gold Diamond Mean on Tinder

Tinder Gold users will be able to view potential matches’ Top Picks, which are similar to the Top Picks section on OkCupid; Here’s what Tinder Gold members can expect from this feature:

To access Tinder’s Top Picks, open the app and select the diamond icon at the top of the search screen. This feature displays a selection of users Tinder has determined are most compatible with you based on their profiles and your preferences. To refresh Day Picks, which refresh daily, you must be a Tinder Gold subscriber.

One thing you should know about Tinder Picks is that they are for short time. They Refresh matches every 24 hours, so you should like and swipe match right away if you find someone interesting.. Depending on how wide your pool is, they may appear again in the usual rotation but if you live somewhere with lots of users, that may be a while. The time limit encourages users to be proactive and engaged with Tinder.

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What Are Other Tinder Icons?
What Does The Gold Diamond Mean on Tinder

Similar to social media and dating sites, one of the easiest ways to convey simple information is by using symbols. For example, Tinder uses emojis and icons to relay different meanings. Here are some of the emojis you may see on Tinder:

Tinder Picks has a free premium membership program that offers users additional features to enhance their online dating experience. The Purple Lightning Bolt serves as a free monthly feature that increases your presence in the area.

  • The Green Heart means you have liked another member’s profile.
  • The Yellow Heart indicates that another user with Tinder Picks has liked your profile.
  • The Blue Star Icon stands for “Super Like” is to gain the attention of another user who has also used this feature on your profile.
  • A Red X denotes that you do not like that person’s profile and have decided to dislike them, resulting in the red X symbol.

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